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Here you will find the past, present and future of all our aspirations in song, history, current affairs to wish all we wish for ourselves, the whole nation and beyond. Scotland must play its part in a better world, something we are powerless to do at the moment. We must do our best to change that to a "can do" culture and an end to the infamous Scottish cringe. We hope to present articles, graphics and information as the basis of debate for a better future and a better nation. Will you join us ?


1. The Movement’s Object is indivisible and non-negotiable; the historic mission of the SRSM shall be complete only when the Socialist Republic is securely established.

2. Until the achievement of National Independence (without which there can be neither Republic nor Socialism) the chief work of the SRSM shall be to engage in the struggle for National Liberation.

The right of Oppressed Nations to Self- Determination is, for us, a matter not of tactical convenience, but of fundamental Socialist principle. Holding that Right to be inalienable, inextinguishable and of universal application, we invoke it on behalf of our Oppressed Nation - once Scotland, ‘first Nation of Europe’: now North Britain, Colony of a Colony.

The SRSM welcomes the Scottish Parliament as a first step to National Freedom. However, Home Rule per se it regards as a snare and a delusion. The SRSM respectfully urges upon all it’s fellow citizens the only real remedy unilateral repeal of the union and the resumption of national independence.


We believe the struggles for National Liberation and Socialism to be inseparable, that is that one is not possible without the other. The question of National Liberation is not merely about the ending of British political rule in Scotland but about the ending of all economic, political and cultural Imperialism in Scotland. The National Liberation struggle will not be won until the workers of Scotland exercise complete control over the material resources, economy and political administration of Scotland.


This brings to the fore competing class issues in Scottish society. The interests of the Capitalist class are tied to and subservient to the interests of Imperialism. They will always seek to preserve their own position and therefore constantly undermine the struggle for genuine National Liberation.


The National Liberation struggle has to be fought by those whose interests are not tied to Imperialism. That is it has to come from the majority of the Scottish people – the working class. It is about the complete transfer of the wealth and resources of Scotland into the hands of those who use these resources to create the wealth. It is, in short, the building of a Socialist society; a Scottish Workers’ Republic, and it must be the working class that leads the struggle for National Liberation. Such a demand meets Scotland’s aspirations as a nation with the workers aspirations as a class.



There is no British nation and therefore no British working-class. Any unity between the national components of these islands has been forced from the top down, and does not represent unity in the internationalist sense. Until the achievement of National Independence, without which there can be neither Republic nor Socialism, the chief work of the SRSM shall be to engage in the struggle for National Self-Determination.








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