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Scotland has a rich culture, many poems and songs have been written over the years by the likes of Robert Burns, Hugh MacDiarmid, Morris Blythman, The Corries and Jim McLean to name a few. Some are original works, some have been adapted, others have been passed down through the generations. Some tunes have been stolen and are more recognisable as others, Some are well known others not so from Robert Burns Such A Parcel of Rogues In A Nation to Jim McLean's The Wallace it's important that these songs are preserved and passed on from generation to generation as part of our continuing living culture.


We certainly won't see them on TV. Our best groups; like the 'Laggan', 'Whistlebinkies', etc were never given a break. Even the more radical Burns poems were banned in his lifetime and trivialised in ours, then neutered to please the ruling Unionist cliques. Our folk traditions were saved by the likes of Morris Blythman, aka Thurso Berwick, Bothy Ballads and the Star Club, Hamish Henderson 'School of Scottish Studies' - a far cry fom the White Heather pseudo culture allowed on our screens.

It's all here folks. Pick up the baton. Where are the new groups to continue?






Ballad of the Men of Knoydart


Bonnie Wee Prince Chairlie


Come Join the British Army


Forget the Old Orange and Green


Freedom Come All ye


Here's tae John MacLean