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Statement from Scottish Republican Socialist Movement: another labour movement stalwart backs independence.



June 17 2014 -- Glasgow, Scotland


The Scottish Republican Socialist Movement welcomes the news that another labour movement figure has publicly declared his support for independence.

Pat Kelly, the former President of the Scottish Trades Union Congress, has pledged support for the YES campaign. Pat, who was also previously Scottish Secretary of the white collar union PCS, says Labour is preoccupied with marginal seats the south east of England and claims that the party has “lost sight of it’s values.” Independence would free Scottish Labour, he argues, from the “straightjacket of London HQ.”

The SRSM notes that Pat Kelly is the latest in a line of labour movement stalwarts to call for a YES vote. Others include Charles Gray (former Strathclyde Regional Council Leader), Alex Mosson (former Glasgow Lord Provost) and Bob Thomson (former Scottish Labour Party treasurer).

Alan Stewart

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement, International Officer

SRSM Statement on Catalonia
January 19 2014 --Glasgow, Scotland

The Scottish Republican Socialist Movement welcomes the decision of the Catalan Parliament – which voted 87 to 43 abstentions - to petition the Spanish Parliament seeking the power to call a referendum on independence. We deplore the Spanish Prime Ministers’ actions in seeking to block any such referendum.

The SRSM notes that a poll showed 4.4% of Catalans think Catalonia has too much autonomy. Some 24% are satisfied with the status quo whilst 65.7 (nearly two thirds) want more autonomy.

We note that polls show that a clear majority of Catalans now back independence outright.

We send solidarity greetings to comrades in Catalonia and back them in their democratic fight for self determination.


Alan Stewart

International Officer, Scottish Republican Socialist Movement.

James Murphy Shadow Minister for War
September 18 2012 --Glasgow, Scotland

James Murphy, MP for the English Parliament, has just set a precedent by persuading the organisers of a Pro-Independence rally to ban a democratic socialist group form taking part. As they said in Nazi Europe, “who will they come for next"?

Some young Tories set fire to an effigy of President Obama at St Andrew’s University a couple of years ago. Will he call on his Tory allies to be banned from Loyalist Unionist rallies?

Mr Murphy’s career began as a member of the “Revolutionary Communist Party” in Cardonald College, Glasgow. Yes, they could say that without laughing. He condemned Militant Labour for being “reformists“. He was also active in the RCP’s “Irish Freedom Movement” front, playing the sectarian game against the SNP and Scottish Independence. The RCP has long since vanished, but some of their lecturers in the South of England survived writing articles and producing videos attacking socialists, peace activists, and Irish Republicans, for the English media. They were virulently against Scottish Independence and anti-Scottish, and quite racist with it.

As a “revolutionary” student leader he was largely responsible for destroying the Scottish Union of Students in favour of the English National Union of Students, who were unable to prevent Labour from introducing tuition fess and slashing their grants. He managed to leave university without graduating and step up as a career politician, adored by the Unionist media. He is also a member of the Labour Friends of Israel. Anywhere but Scotland. You can see where Mr Murphy’s career is continuing, albeit dropping the socialist pretence.

Our intention was never to embarrass the rally organisers, or the SNP. Mr Murphy has given the rally good publicity, but has long since ceased to be embarrassed by his Party’s history of incinerating thousands of people in Iraq, rather than a piece of cloth. Perhaps he could look into the Weapons of Mass Incineration, based on Scotland’s soil and show a bit of concern for the people he has left in mass poverty - the very reason for this rally being necessary in the first place.

Compared with burning a Union flag, who are the terrorists?


Donald Anderson, National Organiser, Scottish Republican Socialist Movement


March for Independence on Saturday, September 22nd in Edinburgh
September 15 2012 --Glasgow, Scotland

It is our understanding that the Shadow Minister for War, James Murphy has objected to Scottish Republican Socialist Movement’s presence on the forthcoming cross party and non-party March for Independence on Saturday, September 22nd in Edinburgh.

He complained of pictures showing the burning of Union flags and “Terrorist Trials” on our web site. These are archives from the National Press, not from us. These old photographs showed members of different groups around the said flags. We do not have any intention of burning flags at the Edinburgh rally. We will be there as individuals carrying Saltires, despite Unionist objections to our national flag.

Quite apart from the rally having nothing to with Mr Murphy, or his Unionist Party, we shall remind them that the Imperialist Union flag is not called the “Butcher’s Apron” for nothing. We object to Mr Murphy’s War Party incinerating people in Iraq and elsewhere, plus the biggest incinerating Nuclear Terror Weapon of all, Trident, being based in our country.

Daniel Berrigan, when charged with burning draft files for the Vietnam War in 71 said: "it’s better to burn paper than to burn children” We say we would rather burn cloth than burn people.

Father Daniel Berrigan is a poet and a Jesuit priest who defied the law as a means of dramatizing his opposition to the war in Vietnam. On May 17, 1968, Father Berrigan, his brother Philip—also a priest—and seven other men and women entered the Selective Service office at Catonsville, Maryland and burned several hundred draft files with homemade napalm. The Catonsville Nine were later tried and convicted of destroying government property. On April 9, 1970, the date he was due to begin serving his prison sentence of three-and-a-half years, Father Berrigan went underground. He successfully evaded capture for four months. On August 11th, Father Berrigan was finally arrested by agents of the FBI on Block Island, Rhode Island.

Donald Anderson Organiser, Brian Quail Convenor.

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement

Dr. James D Young
June 25 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland

We are sorry to have to inform you that Dr James D. Young, author, Historian and retired lecturer of Stirling University died on Saturday, June 23, aged 81 after a long illness. He was nursed by his beloved wife Lorna.

Our condolences are with his family at this moment in time. A full tribute will be available shortly.


Trident - the Moment of Truth

June 13 2012-- Glasgow, Scotland

All the major national institutions in Scotland - the Church of Scotland, the Catholic Church, the STUC - are, along with the Scottish CND, totally opposed to Trident. However, all these groups are confused, and in a quandary, when faced with the oncoming referendum. They seem to be adopting a policy of “let’s leave it to our individual members to make up their own minds”. .

This sounds nice and democratic, fair minded, and so on. In fact it is fatuous, and verging on the dishonest. I say dishonest, because it ignores the one inescapable fact that there in one choice, and one choice only, which will get rid of Trident, and that is independence. Any compromise, such as devo-max. means that we will still left with the UK’s WMD dumped on us. But because these institutions don’t want to be seen as supporting one particular political party, they are reluctant to face this hard fact.  But fact it remains.

All parties that reject independence, are united in supporting Trident. There is a perverse logic to this. Labour, like the Tories and Lib Dems, is a Unionist party. This means that they are a nationalist party -  i.e. British nationalist. Trident is the ultimate symbol of Britishness. This is our national fetish, the sacrosanct totem of our great power status. And is has ever been so.


Back in 1947, at the start of the nuclear age, Ernest Bevin famously stated that "We've got to have it, and it's got to have a bloody Union Jack on it." And today, Tony Blair writes in his autobiography: “I
could see clearly the force of the common sense and practical arguments against Trident, yet in the final analysis I thought giving it up too big a downgrading of our status as a nation.”


John McTernan, one of Blair’s special advisers, said - “If we didn’t have Trident we’d be Belgium. Some people would find that a comfortable place to be.  I wouldn’t.  If Britain is going to be a major power, Britain should have the kinds of weapons a major power has”.

People in Scotland generally have no interest in Great Power status, and no nostalgia for our imperial past. The pro-nuclear stance of the Scottish Labour Party not only reflects an abysmal moral nihilism and lack of principle at the heart of the party, it is a betrayal of the many honest and decent Labour party members who in the past, have worked in the cause of nuclear disarmament.


Independence and freedom from nuclear WMD are inextricably linked. We see this most obviously in the case of Ukraine. At one time, when it was part of the Soviet Union, this land had the second largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world.  Only America had more. Now it is nuclear free. It achieved this goal as part of its struggle for independence. There is a big lesson for us all in Scotland here
The forthcoming referendum presents us with a golden opportunity – and a mortal danger. If it includes an option for more financial power for the Scottish parliament, but not complete separation from the UK, I suspect that the majority will go for this option. It is very seductive; it represents a gradualist, and uncontentious step. It is the easy option – and it would be an absolute tragedy.


It would be a fatal mistake, because the - literally - life or dearth question of war or peace will remain in Westminster’s hands. And things will essentially go on as before, with Trident and its replacement dumped on Scotland, and more soldiers dying in foreign wars in distant lands.


The Scottish referendum has huge world significance. A nuclear-free Scotland means a UK without Trident, as John Ainslie demonstrates in his recent expert report “Trident - Nowhere to go. Using the MoD's own assessments, this timely document analyses why alternative locations to Faslane and Coulport in Scotland are simply not tenable. With locations including the 2012 Olympics sailing venue, National Trust land and densely populated residential areas, there is simply nowhere for Trident to go. An independent Scotland means the end of Trident in the UK.


We could then pressurise France to get rid of its “force de frappe”, and Europe could  be a nuclear-free zone, and join the majority of the rest of humanity in renouncing nuclear WMD.


It is not often realised just how many countries in the world are already nuclear-free. The entire continent of Africa became nuclear-free by the Treaty of Pelindaba (1996); the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand by the Treaty of Rarotonga (1985); South America by the Treaty of Tlatelolco (1967); and Southeast Asia, by the Treaty of Bangkok (1995).


Scottish Independence will play a major role in this global move to remove the threat of global suicide from the world. This is an enormous moral responsibility. The question is, will we be up to it?

Scotland's Referendum. YES! YES! YES! No Buts. No Ifs. No Buts

June 7 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland

Thankfully, the Jubilee hype is over and we just have the Team GB hype to suffer on the run up to the London Olympics. We’ll still be having Onion Jacks for breakfast, dinner and tea. The EBC and other Brit media outlets no doubt will find other ways to be just as irritating.


Wotsisname, Leader of the Royal Labour Team GB, says that Engerland and poor old Wales must decide Scotland land’s future. No way. Jose. This is a matter for the Scottish electorate and you can try and fiddle it all you like.


Wisely, the SNP is not allowing Westmonster to dictate the pace, wording, or timing. Keep it simple chaps so that even the “don’t knows” can’t muck it up.


The campaign has to make it a broad “rainbow” alliance based on a wide consensus. Even the Rainbow flag Fox, Colin shares a platform.  Anyone with a passing acquaintance of the SSP knows that they are both for and against Independence. The SRSM did not leave them over who was allegedly having it off with whom, but because of the vindictive attitude to Scottish Independence and a self-racist, self-hating, self-deprecating, self-loathing campaign; not only from the Unionist Platforms, but by the ruling Militant led clique, with funny platform names, such as Socialist “unity”. Nothing more divisive than unity, eh, comrades? The fact that they cannot give a straight answer to a simple question and have to “debate” it tells you all you need to know about them. One Federal Unionist platform advocates spoiling the ballot paper, or voting No. You can guess the tortuous convoluted  route of the rest of the platforms. “It disnae  include; Gay Rights, Abortions, House of Lords, Monarchy”, etc. Then go on about Brian Soutar, as if Labour couldn’t out millionaire the SNP. The SNP took their own line and did not vote as Soapy Soutar wanted, despite the platform‘s repeated lies.  This from the people who regularly voted down entrenching their own Clause V, for an Independent Socialist Scotland. By trickery at their own Conferences. When it was allowed to the platform it was attacked by all those groups as “racist, fascist and Stalinist,” etc. and Republican activists were isolated and vilified by their Brit Nats. The SSP National Secretary described their attitude to Independence as “ambivalent”. I created a storm by writing to the Herald and saying, no it wasn’t. It was duplicitous.


One Brit Nat Party who left during the split, the Socialist Workers Party, now say they are voting Yes. Aboot time.


The Communist Party of Scotland have no doubts and support Independence all the way, unlike their former comrades in the SCP, formerly Great. Britain, who support the Abominable No men. The CPS is part of the “Scotland Alert” campaign for Independence


I spoke to the Socialist Party, formerly SPGB, on one of their Argyll Street tables “Against the Cuts” and asked how they would vote in the referendum. Sorry I had to ask and sorry they had to think about it before releasing a torrent about not knowing what the questions will be and who was paying for it.


I tried the next stall, “Fight Racism. Fight Imperialism“, the Revolutionary Communist group, who said YES. YES..


Patrick Harvie MSP also shares the Broad Independence Referendum platform, somewhere over the rainbow. He admitted on TV that not all the Green Party members supported Independence. This was as revealing as being told that not all Rangers fans vote Green..


Alex Salmond says he has no plans for the Queen in her lifetime. She will be in her 90’s by the time we jump through all the hoops and obstacles set up the Brit Nats of all political persuasion  In Merrie England there is strong opposition to Prince Cherlie, King in waiting, because he is too auld, etc. Could it be he is too radical, even for Tory Blair’s Cabinet, who were to the right of his many memos to Downing St? Still the SSP want to make an issue of the Monarchy, knowing it will precipitate a sectarian backlash, encouraged also by the Labour Catholic Mafia, who are not averse to doing deals with Orange Order against the SNP? You don’t need a Sash to be a Loyalist. Just look at the millionaire Loyalist Labourites on the Celtic Board. Both prefer an Anglican Queen House of Lords and Anglican Bishops to Socialism, or Independence.


Cameron’s (official) Tories now promises stronger Devolution if we are daft enough to vote No. Again,  refusing to specify what powers. Tory MP, Sir Alex Douglas Hum(e), promised better Devolution in 1979, if we voted against that Bill. He refused to deliver, as did Ted Heath in his infamous “Declaration of Perth”


Labour (unofficial Tories) now promises “Devo Plus”, without saying what that means and then criticises the SNP for not saying what Independence means. Are they deaf? This from the party that said before the election not to vote SNP as it was a vote for Independence. After the election they whined that a vote for the SNP does not mean Independence. This was the Party that took years for their McCalman Commission to report, which finally promised very little and delivered nothing.


No one is sure really sure what Devo Max means either. The SNP say they are campaigning for Independence and it up to Devolutionists to make their case. Should this make its way onto the Referendum question then it will be a soft option for some, but opposed by hard line Unionists. If passed it would mean England gets to keep its Trident base in Scotland and the right to send us off in their interminable wars, with more Jock fodder.. They argue how many aircraft Carriers, Cruisers and Battleships, etc., will we have? How many will England be able to afford?  What country in the world, bar Scotland, would bottle out of independence for all the reasons put out by the Westminster Parties?


Charles Kennedy, the most liberal of the Lib Dems, says, “If it ain’t broke., don’t fix it”. Wake up and smell the maltings Cherlie. It is well broke and all the Queen’s hoarses and all the Queen’s men cannae put it back together again.


Finally, without going through all the Divide et Imperia scares tricks, we come the Ulster style partitioning mentally, used throughout the Empire. “Shetland is too far away from Edinburgh“. Falklands, etc., are not too far away from London? “Orkney and Shetland are really Norwegians”. Are the Brits going to hand the oil over to Norway? Nae chance. The Vikings seized it from the Picts. See the Pictish Brochs and plenty other evidence. A recent survey showed only 30% of the Shetland DNA was Norse. Using that silly argument. Dublin and York were once Danish Capitals. The Western Isles down to Mann were once ruled by Norway, as was much of the seaboard. Donegal, “Fort of the foreigners“, was also overrun by Vikings. So What?


Still they play East against West. Glasgow against Edinburgh, North against South, Highlands against Lowlands and so on. As for their sectarian game: we won’t even go there, as it will take too long to deal with the embedded sectarian myths implanted on a section of the working class in the de-industrialised Bible Belt. “Home Rule is Rome Rule”. A Free Scotland is a Free Kirk”, etc.


Meanwhile, the Lib Lab Con Alliance will lead the way for the Brit left to vote No.


Be ready for more silly Brit tricks.


Scottish Independence question
May 9 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland

Labour has no shame or embarrassment.  From the party of the rigged Devolution referendum of 1979 and even Dewar’s Referendum, which demanded a second “are you sure?” type question they have the cheek to say that the Scottish Government Referendum would be biased and that only a London based referendum would be clean, decent, honest and truthful. We remember Kneel Kinnockio and Junior Alexander’s  privatised ballot box failure during the Holyrood, but one, election.  We also remember the phantom postal votes and how they lost electoral register during the Glenrothes by election, or how the Glasgow North by election was also won by mysterious postal votes. Everyone knows that Labour controlled Cooncils run and staff the polling stations and the count afterwards. Everyone knows how they use Cooncil properties and resources to run their campaigns. Even producing Cooncil newspapers, Such as “Glasgow North Regen”, etc, which  are nothing short of Labour lies and propaganda. Selected pictures of the odd Cooncil hoose and photies of Labour MPs, MSPs, MEPs, Cooncillors and quangoists are stuffed in all the pages. Nae photies o’ the Cooncil slums and depravation in these very areas. Springburn Parish Hall lies in a neglected mess since the last 40 years: since Lord Martin of Springburn and Port Dundas left his Tame Union joab for a London Jobby. Ermine in Vermin comes to mind. Lovely photies, as the photies of his son, Paul Martin MP in the “free” papers handed out in supermercats, shopping centres. Etc.

Iain Davison, London MP and Pollok member, demands that Westminster show their famous sense of fair play by taking it out of the hands of theses nasty “Separatists” who demand Independence from his beloved Brutish State. Does he know that “Dependence is the opposite of” Independence” and that is the state he wishes to keep us in.

The Brit left groups are still debating the referendum and how to vote. We at the SRSM are well past the debating stage and call for a simple YES to Independence vote. No ifs, but, and Irrelevances. The Brit left are not only confusing the debate will sorts of extraneous matters, they are still debating a NO vote and spoiling the ballot papers. Nor will we forget the very British left still use the same language, economic, racist and cultural anti Scottish arguments as their fellow Unionists on the Great British right. We can argue about what kind of Independence after that hurdle has been cleared. And the Brit left will be left behind again.

We back the SNP for the timing and wording of the referendum: not Westminster and the Brit Nats of all persuasions.

Oddly, the SNP appears to want a Devo Max Question and the Brit Nats don’t ?

Cameron has promised more Devolution if we vote Naw, but won’t say how much? Remember Sir Alex Douglas Hume? He promised us better Devolution in 1979 if we voted Naw, then dropped it after the election. HM Labour has promised us Devo plus and are as vague as the MacCalmans on a seasick trip to Stornoway. 




Willie MacRae Anniversary
April 6 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland

On April 6 1985 Willie MacRae "committed suicide" whilst driving along the A87, between Invergarry and his holiday home in his native MacRae clan lands. He miraculously, managed to shoot himself in the head whilst driving. The car rolled down an embankment and his revolver was found about a hundred yards away with two shots fired. His brief case was found as far away with his papers neatly folded some missing.

The bullet wound was not discovered till he was removed from Raigmore in Inverness to Aberdeen. Tory Advocate, Lord Carmyllie, insisted that no inquiry was needed, as did fellow right wing Labour arch Unionist, Brian "Scotland is British", Wilson. So much time has elapsed and so many lies spun that no inquiry by the British State would be worth a Unionist bent promise.

April 6 was also the anniversary of the "Declaration of Arbroath" 1320.

It would take the first anniversary of an Independent Scotland to get nearer the truth. We are only a YES vote away from that. Lets's keep it simple, with no complications, obstacles and lies from the usual Unionist nonsense, left and right sources. One thing the British left can be relied upon in Scotland is to use the same language of cliques; lies and obdurate trickery on the economic, cultural, historical and political fronts. Willie MacRae knew this from his successful campaigns preventing them from dumping their nuclear waste in Mulwhacher and Glen Etive. The whole Independence movement has progressed spectacularly since then and will not be fobbed of much longer. Devo Max and Devo plus means we will still stuck with Nuclear Occupation in Faslane and under the thumb of the English War Department and their endless Imperial wars.

The late Dave Leadbetter of the Willie MacRae Society still has two boxes of gathered evidence in the hands of a friend, who is compiling a book on the subject. He was employed in Brent Council "Inquest". He gathered journalists, lawyers, including an advocate, etc in the Willie MacRae Society. An ex 'Scene of the Crimes' Police officer, from Cornwall, examined the scene, making nonsense of the official report.

Willie. We won't forget!

For further reading on this subject check out the link below.


Falkland Islands
April 3 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland

It was odd to hear a Brit spokesperson on the telly complaining of these pesky Argentineans questioning his divine right to rule. Every fair minded true Brit cartographer can see that the Falklands belongs to England by looking at all the old pink spots through Union Jack, English Rose coloured glasses; Gibraltar, Malta, Singapore, North America, India, Africa, Muddle East, Ireland, etc, etc, bloody etc.

Odder still when we notice that these are the same people that are telling the Falkland Islanders that Britain is the Fatherland and then tell the Shetland Islanders that Edinburgh,Scotland is too far away and that England is nearer my God to thee. Nothing like the Brits for a good geography lesson.

The EBC (English Broadcasting Corporation)
quoted from President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina.

“President Kirchner went on: "It is an injustice that in the 21st Century there are still colonial enclaves... 16 colonial enclaves throughout the world - 10 of those belonging to the United Kingdom."

She added: "We also demand that so they stop usurping our environment, our natural resources, our oil."

Sound familiar?

We wish to add to the 10 colonial enclaves: Scotland, Wales and Ireland, who are only a simple YES vote away from Independence. Look how Britspeak have tried to muddy the waters already.



Matt Lygate Funeral Details
January 20 2012 -- Glasgow, Scotland
Matt Lygate, inspirational lover, father, teacher and brother to all died 10/1/2012. Dedicated his life to the struggle against "man's inhumanity to man". Funeral Mass Jan 25th, 10am St Aloysius Chapel, Rose St, G3 6RE.
Burn Supper Memorial Celebration 1-4pm, Queens Cross Community Hall, 472 Maryhill Rd.
Full memorial tribute:
SRSM, P.O.Box 16887, Glasgow, G11 9EP, Scotland
Matt Lygate
January 13 2012--Glasgow, Scotland
It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce the death of our former colleague Matt Lygate who has passed away. At this moment in time we are not aware of the circumstances into his death.
Our condolences are with his family
SRSM, P.O.Box 16887, Glasgow, G11 9EP, Scotland
Scottish Independence Referendum 
SRSM reply to Mr Cameron's comments

January 11 2012--Glasgow, Scotland

The SRSM wholeheartedly supports a yes vote in the independence referendum.

Any compromise on this question, such as a "dev-max" option, would still leave Scotland saddled with the UK's criminal and illegal nuclear WMD, Trident.

It would also leave Scottish soldiers still liable to be sent on foreign wars, as dictated by the interests of the USA or the UK governments.

We reject any attempt by the British government to interfere with the referendum. The Coalition Government does not have the political or moral authority to oppose the will of the Scottish people.


SRSM, P.O.Box 16887, Glasgow, G11 9EP, Scotland