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United Scotsman Vol 2. No.3 May/June 1973


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United Scotsman  Volume 2 Number 5 May/June 1973


United Scotsman was one of several fine publications that emerged in Scotland during the 1970s when Scottish nationalism was on the increase. At this moment in time we have only managed to locate one issue just now in our archives, which can be downloaded and viewed from the link below.

This edition form May/June 1973 features fine articles including the Editorial, The ‘Cod War’ England Sends in the Gun-Boats, Neil M. Gunn – by Hugh K. MacKay, The Lallans Society, Woodside – Paisley and Faust: Brander’s Sang in Auerbach’s Cellar both by Andrew Tannahill, The British Nation – Nationalism & Internationalism by Jack Woodis (A Communist Party Pamphlet 1973), James McNish and the Glasgow Cotton Spinners Union by Thomas Phelan, George Square Christmas + Clava Cairns by Carl MacDougall, Oliver’s Viewpoint. Other contributors include Michael Donnelly, Donald Saunders and Oliver Brown.

Please note you will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view this publication.




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