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Iain Beaton outside Elderslie Village Hall after Wallace Day.Iain Beaton B. Glasgow 1942. D. Glasgow Western Infirmary Saturday May 26, 2013. Cause: pneumonia resulting from a stroke in 1998. He was admitted to the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, suffering from pneumonia on Friday May, 25. He is survived by his daughters Lucinda and Iona and his brother Alastair and was twice married and widowed to both.

Iain was born in Beaconsfield, Kelvindale Glasgow, served as an Officer in the Cameronian Scottish Rifles Regiment in the mid-sixties. From 1968, he was the Personnel and Training Officer for the House of Fraser and later served in hotel management. Among many other things, he was a political activist; from the International Marxist Group, till eventually the SNP, always being a firm believer in Scottish Independence, or more specifically, a Scottish Socialist Republic. He was a founder member of the Scottish Republican Socialist Clubs in 1973, which became the Scottish Republican Socialist Party in 1981, only to change to the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement in 1999, after affiliating to the Scottish Socialist Party as a platform. Iain and the SRSM left the SSP a week before the split, unhappy with their “ambivalent” support for Scottish Independence. He was still politically active up until his illness, suffering a stroke in the Wyndford flat, Glasgow. 2009. Whilst visiting him there I was suspicious to receive no reply at his flat. After phoning a few friends the local police forced an entry and dashed him to hospital. Unfortunately, no one could determine how long he was lying in his hall floor in direct sunlight and the damage was done after an estimated four days.  He was treated in Stobhill Hospital, Bishopbriggs and then the Garscube House Residential Home in Shuna Street, Ruchill, which was built on the site of the old Swan Vestas match factory. He finally moved to a sheltered House Complex in Cromwell St, Glasgow, where he was happiest with his own flat.

Despite excellent carers, Iain decided to carry on smoking and sipping his favourite malt whiskies though a straw. His friends constantly joked with him that smoking was bad for his health. He was so happy surrounded by his favourite books, historical and political journals, keeping up to date with his Herald Newspaper and holding court with his visiting relatives, friends and comrades, who will all sorely miss him. During his last stay in Gartnavel Hospital, Glasgow, he was so full of praise for the Scottish Health Service and all the staff he came in contact with. He was not afraid of death, but so wanted to live for a positive result in the forthcoming Independence Referendum in 2014. He was not a religious person and had a quiet funeral at Maryhill Crematorium Monday, June 3rd. His friends  afterwards raising a dram in celebration of his life. No doubt he will still be there in spirit urging us on to a decisive victory.