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John MacLean and supporters

Tanks at the ready in the Cattle Market Glasgow 1919
John MacLean postage stamp which was issued in Russia 1979

John MacLean before his trial, Edinburgh May 9th 1918


The Red Flag is raised in George Square,

Glasgow 1919 

"The Tramp Trust Unlimited"

John MacLean, front centre 

Scene from the courtroom, High Court, Edinburgh, 1919, following the George Square riots. The tanks roll into Glasgow City Centre along the Trongate 1919 

John MacLean's funeral 1923.

This event was filmed and shown to cinemas in the Clydeside area in the 1920's but has still to be located now, last seen in the 1930's.

John MacLean with James Maxton  

 John Maclean's prison photograph

Peterhead prison, 1916

John MacLean with his wife and daughter
 Government officals check the damage to George Square, Glasgow the day after the riots 1919
British Army on Patrol Glasgow 1919
British Army Bedding Down in Glasgow 1919
John MacLean Commemoration Stamp 1879 - 1923
James Maxton Speaking with John MacLean Seated January 1916
John MacLean's passport photograph 
John MacLean on Glasgow Green in front of his banner All Hail Scottish Workers Republican Party (1923)
John MacLean with one of his school classes early 20th century 
John MacLean's coffin being carried from his house, for the awaiting horse and carriage  The famous speech from the dock photograph 
John MacLean front row outside the Scottish Labour College (circa 1916)