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      Why an Arbroath Rally ?     
Declaration of Arbroath postcard

Every year we march, with others, to commemorate the Declaration of Arbroath, April 6, 1320, in which the Scottish people not only sent a message to the Imperial English Court and to the Vatican which was the Equivalent of the United Nations in these days, but also to King Robert the Bruce in a clear message informing him that if he betrayed Scotland to the English he would be removed forthwith, as was done with clan chiefs who did not shape up. This was quite unique in history.


Every Scots school child was taught about the Declaration of Magna Carta, which gave more power to the English Barons and Clergy with nothing for the revolting English peasants. In fact the English King merely ordered the peasant leader to kneel, then beheaded him.


It is also claimed that the US Constitution was based on, or inspired by the 1320 Declaration. Over half of Washington's Cabinet were of Scots, or Scots Irish descent, so that would not be difficult to imagine. In fact the first shots of the War of American Independence were fired by the Scots Irish in King's Mountain, Tennessee, who defeated the redcoated soldiers. The British had orders to burn Presbyterian churches and schools, as they considered them to be hotbeds of Revolution. When Washington was at his lowest he retreated to his Scotch-Irish, whom he claimed fought the British hardest. After the Revolution they also fought the hated State Revenuers in the “Shea Rebellion”, as a violation of their rights and reminder of the hated Brit taxes back home. Fine as the US Constitution was it was still a racist document, excluding Negroes “Savage Redskins, Jews and Catholics”.


It is commonly assumed the Arbroath Abbey was destroyed by the Reformation. It was in fact destroyed by Henry VIII's pirate navy, who happened to be Catholic at that time. England did not have Reformation. Henry VIII merely wanted to change wives and made himself the Head of the Church of England, which makes the English Monarch a God. Most of the Abbeys and Cathedrals fell into disrepair and the local populace recycled the stones for their own use. Apart from the Border Abbeys that were destroyed by invading English armies. Although Glasgow went with the Reformation the burgers linked arms around the Cathedral to prevent Edinburghers marching to destroy the building. They allowed a few artefacts to be destroyed and the marks in the walls can be plainly seen today, as can be seen Cromwell's musket ball holes.


The purpose of commemorating our own Declaration, and other important historical events, is to save our forbidden history and raise Scottish consciousness to an Independent level. We hope you will join us. We have made The Declaration of Arbroath available to be read in three languages Latin, Gaelic and English by clicking on the appropiate button in the navigation column.