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“We were bought and sold
For English Gold
Sic a parcel o’ Rogues in a nation”

Burns was referring to those who sold out in 1707. Thomas Carlyle described the Scottish Nobles as an unprincipled pack of hyenas. Someone once said that the more and more things change the more they stay the same.

Free Scotland Slogan

Today James Joyce, a Labour MP representing Westminster in Falkirk, in case you have never heard of him, again claimed the highest expenses two years in a row. He promised to cut back last year and only claimed £250,000 this year. Jim Devine is awaiting sentence for fiddling even less. Perhaps if he bought a suit that fitted him with his expenses he may have fitted the New Labour image and would not have been made the sacrificial goat. Broon and Darling fiddled even more. Mind you, Broon could also do with a suit that fitted him. He looks as if he is still wearing Tony Blair’s claes.


It was not the Nobles that ran Scotland for most of the last century, running us into the worst social problems in the EU, who describe us a third world country. It was the corrupt Labour Mps, Cooncillors and Tame Union Barons that shamelessly benefited from the London gravy train whilst the rest of the nation suffered. Glasgow has the cheapest Cooncillors that money can buy.

When the noble Earl of Mar led the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion against the Parliamentary, but not the Regal, Union, complaining that he did not get enough bribes for signing Scotland away in 1707. He earned his nickname, “Bobbing John“ for dithering and changing sides. Wait till you see the bargain basement Labourites jump ship when we get nearer to Independence.


The Nobles, who signed the Treaty in an Edinburgh cellar to avoid the angry “mob” outside, complained four years later and wanted to annul the Union. They were told to their faces that they were bought, to be laughed at every time they opened their Scotch mouths. Bobbing John actually won the Battle o’ Sherramuir in the ’15, but left the field allowing his troops to disperse whilst John Glass (Grey) of the Battles and a Campbell took Dunblane and Stirling in Mar’s absence, Glass led the move against the union four years earlier.

So who are modern Parcel o’ Pogues in this Nation? It is not the Tame Unions that will worry Westminster but the Union of 1707 come the next election. Who’s a’ up for it come the next election, whether is only one obvious choice to smash the Union and rid ourselves of the Nuclear occupation and cannon fodder recruiting sergeants?




Earl of Marchmount: received £1,104-17s-7d


Earl of Cromarty: received £300


Lord Preston Hall: received £200


Lord Ormiston: received £200


Duke of Montrose: received £200


Duke of Athol: received £1000


Earl of Balcarres: received £500


Earl of Dunmoor: received £200


Lord Anstruther: received £300


Mr. Stewart of Castle Stewart: received £300


Earl of Eglington: received £200


Lord Fraser: received £100


Lord Cessnock, now Polwarth: received £50


Mr. John Campbell: received £200


Earl of Forfar: received £100


Sir Kenneth MacKenzie: received £100


Earl of Glencairn: received £100


Earl of Kintore: received £200


Earl of Findlator: received £100


Lord Forbes: received £50


John Muir, Provost of Ayr: received £100


Earl of Seafield, Lord Chancellor: £490


Marquis of Tweedale: received £1000


Duke of Roxburgh: received £500


Lord Elibank: received £50


Lord Banff: received £11-2/-


Major Cunningham of Eckatt: received £100


The Messenger who brought the Treaty of Union: received £60


Sir William Sharp: received £300


Patrick Coultrain, Provost of Wigton: received £25


Mr. Alexander Wedderburn: received £75


The Commisioner for Equippage & Daily Allowance: received £12,325


Stated by THE EARL OF GLASGOW, on oath, and by DAVID NAIRNE, Secretary Depute for Scotland. (THE PRICE OF SCOTLAND'S FREEDOM)