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Through the years many members, supporters and like minded friends have contributed many Articles , Poems and Songs for the Scottish Workers Republic. Here now on this page we will start to make these articles available to be read, and at the same time, if you're feeling inspired, why not contribute yourself !

All contributions welcomed and considered. Many of the past articles have been lost to posterity, but we are doing our best to find, save and archive these for all. This is not the stuff of Unionists, pseudo revolutionaries, careerists and collaborators





A'GHAIDHLIG - The Scottish Language

Adventures of the Wallace Sword

Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun
A Vindication Of MACBETH - Somerled MacMillan
Britain's Secret War: Tartan Terrorism and the Anglo American State - Donald Anderson
Build on John MacLeans Work - R Mullholland

John Francis Campbell - The Folk Hero of Celtic Scotland - Frank Thompson

Conspiracy Trials May Not Be A Thing Of The Past

Death to the High Scotland - Donnachadh Mac'illedhuibh
Fiction of the Tartan Terrorists - Andrew Murray Scott + Iain MacLeay

Free Scotland Now - Iain Hunter

Hillwalkers Long Distance Melodeon Players and Gangrels - Seylan Baxter
Hitlerism in the Highlands - Oliver Brown
Homage to the Fifteenth Brigade - Ian Wood
Hugh MacDiarmid - Alan Bold

influencing italia - Robbie MacDonald

Irvine Valley a Hotbed of Scottish Republicanism - Martain O Cathain

James McNish and the Glasgow Cotton Spinners Union - Thomas Phlean
LABOUR in SCOTLAND  - W.M. Marwick

Langholm in Hugh MacDiramid's Poetry - John Manson

Lewis Grassic Gibbon - Alan Stewart

John MacLean 1879 - 1923 Teacher-Marxist-Nationalist - Alex Murray

John MacLean: A Glasgow Legend 70 Years On - Gerard Cairns

John MacLean: Biographical Note by John Broom M.A.

John MacLean and Ireland - Nan Milton 

MacLean Against the Brits: British Socialism in the Dock - Gerard Cairns

MacLean and the Unemployed - Nan Milton 

Mairi Mhor nan Oran - Sorley MacLean

Na Fianna Eireann in Scotland - Stephen Coyle

Republican Roll of Honour for Scotland - Stephan Coyle

Ruaraidh Erskine is Marr - Alasdair MacCulium

Saorsa First Steps to Liberation - Janet Cameron

Scotland Yes to independence No to nationalism - Reply by Donald Anderson
Scotland's War Losses - Duncan Duff

Seamus MacGaraidh: Portrait of a Patriot - Stephen Coyle

Sorley MacLean The Gaelic Poet - Scott MacCreamhain

Sean Mac Toirdalebhraig: John Torley - Martain O' Cathain

Six Weavers who wove a Legend - Iain Gray

The Case of Matthew Lygate
The Conspiracy of Silence - Hugh MacDiarmid

The Crime and Punishment of Matt Lygate - James Freeman

The Irish Insights of Robert Burns - Freddy Anderson
The Scottish Way 1746 - 1946 - F.W. Robertson

The Settler Problem: Cause and Effect - Sandy Mathers

The use of Agent Provocateurs in Scotland

The White Settler Issue - Colin L Floggem

War or Peace - Ronald MacDonald Douglas

White Settlers Go Home - Ron MacKay

Why John MacLean did not join the Communist Party of Great Britain - Gerard Cairns

William Gillies: Portrait of a Patriot - Stephen Coyle

William Wallace National Hero of Scotland