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Welcome to the SRSM Archives Library page were you can view the archives that we have collected over the years from various events and even in some cases we have produced. There are many to view including newsletters and pamphlets from when we were the SRSC Scottish Republican Socialist Clubs and the SRSP Scottish Republican Socialist Party.

These can be very useful, not only to our own members and sympathisers, but provide an easy source for all interested in the political history of Scotland. Much of our archives have been destroyed, due to movements of premises, etc, damaged in cellars, garages. etc and being "borrowed", sabotaged, etc. Be careful of lending letters, documents photos etc, to journalists and budding authors.

The Willie Gallagher library in Caledonian University, Glasgow, provides invaluable hard copy material and has a dedicated and helpful staff. We trust this online material will prove its use to armchair revolutionaries and keyboard warriors, as well as those willing to participate in the struggle against British and worldwide Imperialism.





SRSM Archives Library
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 SRSM Newsletters

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